Paths in Darkness 04: Tunnel of Enlightenment

In Game Time: January 2014

Game Day: 9/9/18

Welcomed to Oz, the group is welcomed by Walter Wizard, head of The Truth of Many Paths (MULTI SEMITAS UNUM VERITATIS -MSUV). Walter congratulates them on getting this far but says he cannot let them go unless they pass a test and then are approved by the Qualis Device. The person they have been seeking has already passed through the chambers. They also meet another SOE, Jonathon Ross, who in his journeys was led into the tunnels beneath the city.

The group goes down into the tunnels and rapidly lose track of each other. Split into small groups, they experience strange happenings, and discussion with odd beings. No one really remembers totally the experience. The garden of Eden and great Pyramids of old loom large in memory, but the details are fuzzy. All return in some way enlightened, with their paradigm altered, and less limits to their craft of True Magik.

Trent opts to continue to chase him along with the help of MSUV. The rest of the group take their new friend, Jonathon, who drives to Chicago with Megan.

Paths in Darkness 04: Tunnel of Enlightenment